LEGOLAND Dubai with Toddlers & Preschoolers

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We have a goal of visiting every LEGOLAND in the world, so while we were in Dubai with our toddler, we had to put this on our to-do list. LEGOLAND Dubai is the best place to visit with toddlers.

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We spent a week in Dubai, and our son loves LEGOS. It was a no-brainer to visit LEGOLAND with our preschooler, especially since he is older and can build the sets.

We visited LEGOLAND Dubai with a toddler on May 31st, and it was HOT! It was over 100 degrees, but since we bought the tickets online, there were no refunds, so we had to go.

Although it was hot, it worked out because the theme park was virtually empty. Less than 50 people were in the park, so it felt like we got the VIP experience.

We walked onto every ride and kept riding until our son got tired. It was the perfect day (besides the heat), but there were plenty of shaded and air-conditioned buildings to get a break from the heat.

When we picked up our tickets, they took our son’s height and told us the rides he was too small to get on.

Luckily, there were only two attractions our son couldn’t ride, but unfortunately, some of our favorite rides were closed for maintenance.

Best Rides in LEGOLAND Dubai for Toddlers

Of all the theme parks we’ve visited so far, LEGOLAND Dubai and Hershey Park are my favorite parks for toddlers. They cater to little ones and offer so much variety to the riders.

It was a bummer that some rides were closed for maintenance, but we still had fun.

If you are short on time, here is a quick list of the best rides in LEGOLAND Dubai for toddlers, with the height requirements for each ride.


  • Boating School – Must be at least 1 year old
  • Junior Driving School – Minimum height 95 cm (must be 3-5 years old)
  • Driving School – Minimum height 110 cm
  • City Airport – Minumum height 95 cm
  • Rescue Academy – Minimum height 95 cm


  • Dragon Apprentice – Minimum height 105 cm


  • DUPLO Express – Minimum height 80 cm
  • Kid Power Towers – Minimum height 95 cm
  • LEGO Technic Twister – Minimum height 105 cm


  • Beetle Bounce – Minimum height 105 cm
  • Lost Kingdom Adventure – Minimum height 90 cm
  • Submarine Adventure – Minimum height 80 cm
  • Wave Racers – Minimum height 105 cm

To help you plan your time at LEGOLAND Dubai with kids, here is an in-depth review of the best rides at LEGOLAND Dubai with toddlers.


Boating School

I think I enjoyed boating school more than our four-year-old. Our preschooler didn’t want to drive, so we turned it into a competition where we were racing my wife (she was in a boat behind us).

After a little while, he took over and drove the boat. Yes, they can steer while pushing the pedal the entire time.

We crashed a few times, but your toddler will love being the captain of their ship circling SeaPort.

Junior Driving School

If your little one isn’t tall enough for Driving School, there is a junior version for toddlers.

Our son wanted to drive the car (but not the boat for some reason), so we walked right onto the track for him to show us his driving skills.

He’s not a great driver because he gets distracted easily and forgets to press down the pedal, but he has fun doing it.

Since he was the only kid on the track, he drove as long as he wanted. The area is shaded, so he just kept going around and around.

This track isn’t as exciting as the one for older kids, but your toddler will still have fun.

Note: You can get a license, but we didn’t want to pay the additional money knowing he would lose it before we left the park.

Driving School

This ride was one of the two that our preschooler was too short to get on. Driving school is fun for kindergarteners and above.

If you have a tall four-year-old with experience with toy cars, this ride is perfect for them.

The cars are faster, and the track is bigger with additional characters.

Although our son wasn’t tall enough this time, he is getting close, so maybe he’ll drive around this course after his 5th birthday.

City Airport

The first ride in LEGO CITY from MINILAND is the city airport. They are cute little airplanes with a stick to elevate the plane as you ride in a circle.

This ride is similar to the DUMBO ride at Disney World, but it’s covered and doesn’t fly as high.

When we first got inside the airplane, our son wasn’t thrilled, but after a few times, he was comfortable.

I love that many of the rides at LEGOLAND Dubai are covered because the sun can be brutal for little ones. 

Rescue Academy

Rescue Academy is one of the rides at LEGOLAND that I do not like. It’s fun for kids, but adults do all the work. You pump up and down to move the truck to the end of the street to extinguish the fire.

Your toddler gets to have fun putting out the fire while you catch your breath before pumping to get the fire truck back to the beginning.

It’s a fun competition between the participants. Our son loves it, so I suck it up and do it every time.


Dragon’s Apprentice

The only roller coaster for toddlers is the dragon apprentice. It is a smaller version of the Dragon, the only roller coaster at LEGOLAND Dubai for older kids.

I am not a fan of roller coasters, but I am working on my fears, so we planned on riding this when we arrived at the theme park.

Unfortunately, it was closed for maintenance the day we visited the park.

If you have older kids or preschoolers taller than 120 cm, they can ride The Dragon across from the toddler’s roller coaster.

Merlin’s Flying Machines

Merlin’s Flying Machines is a new ride we experienced while in LEGOLAND Dubai with our preschooler. Our son wasn’t tall enough to reach the pedals, so I had to do all the work, which is usually the case.

The faster you pedal, the higher the kite flies. Like the other toddler rides at LEGOLAND, it’s shaded and doesn’t go too high.

Our son loved this ride because he didn’t have to do anything. Mama did all the work for him.

Merlin’s Challenge

Another fun toddler ride at LEGOLAND Dubai is Merlin’s Challenge. This is a fun train ride with more speed than the DUPLO Express.

Our son said it was too fast and wouldn’t ride it, so I got on alone to show him he didn’t need to be scared, but he refused. It would have been easier if we had his sound-reducing headphones, but we forgot them at the hotel, so he skipped this ride.

I am writing this blog post after our time at Universal Studios Singapore. In Singapore, he got on the Puss and Boots roller coaster and the 3D Transformers ride three times, so I am not sure why this was too much for him.

We’ll never understand toddler logic, but it’s a fun ride for toddlers.


DUPLO Express

Our son was one when we first visited LEGOLAND California. We spent most of our time in DUPLO Valley because he was so young. He had so much fun.

I cherish these moments because he is becoming a big boy and wants to be independent.

Anytime I can have the chance to relive these times, I jump at the opportunity.

Kid Power Towers

We skipped the Kid Power Tower because our son is too lazy to pull himself, and I didn’t want to do it.

In his defense, it was a very hot day, and no one really wanted to do it. When we got to this side of the park, it was close to five o’clock, so everyone was tired.

We headed straight to Adventure to get on the submarine (we didn’t know it was closed).

LEGO Technic Twister

Our son loved the Technic Twister. He loved it because it made me dizzy. It was a bad idea to get on this ride after eating lunch.

After the first time, he wanted to go two more times, which was a nightmare for me. He thought it was hilarious that I was feeling horrible.

I was trying not to spin fast, but my family didn’t care and kept turning the wheel faster and faster.

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Beetle Bounce

You can’t tell by the pictures, but I hate this ride. I am scared of heights, but I did it for our little guy.

My wife always makes me get on these rides. The bouncing gave my stomach and feet a weird feeling, so I couldn’t stop laughing.

We actually stayed on this ride four times. I finally talked him into getting off to play with the “blasters”.

Lost Kingdom Adventure

We stayed on this ride for 15 minutes and kept going around and around. Our son was initially scared, but he took his blaster and started getting all the bad guys.

I kept trying to beat my high score and get over 200, but I couldn’t crack 195. It was so much fun to stay on a ride as long as we wanted.

Lost Kingdom is my second favorite ride at LEGOLAND Dubai for toddlers.

Submarine Adventures

Submarine Adventures is our favorite ride at LEGOLAND in every country. This is another cherished memory from when our son was a baby.

Now that he’s older, he loves playing the game and looking for underwater treasure. Even as an adult, I have fun playing along with him.

Unfortunately, the ride was closed when we got to the Adventure area. If you visit LEGOLAND Dubai with a toddler, this should be your first ride at the park.

Wave Racers

Our last ride was wave racers, but our preschooler didn’t want to get in the water. He was tired and afraid of the water, so I got on the ride by myself.

It was a fun ride and gave me a much-needed breeze at the end of the day. Parents must ride with their little ones because they may not be tall enough to reach the wheel.

There are signs that you may get wet, but I didn’t.

LEGOLAND Dubai Tours & Play Areas

After leaving boating school, we made our way to the play area. LEGOLAND Dubai has large play areas. They are the biggest we’ve seen.

Your little ones are protected from the sun by the large tent covering the equipment, so your little ones can play to their hearts’ content.

Sea Port

The biggest play area at LEGOLAND Dubai for toddlers is Sea Port. This massive area has six jungle gyms for kids to play and release their energy. Our son loved every minute of it.

There are also large stereophone blocks for kids to play with. Unlike LEGOLAND Florida, there is more than enough room for kids to play without trampling on one another.

Since there were so few families, he only played with one kid, but he loved having the play area to himself. He ran into every jungle gym and even played the floor is lava.

Although there is protection from the sun, there isn’t much of a breeze, so be sure to have your little one drink water often.

Overall, this is one of our favorite areas in LEGOLAND Dubai for toddlers.

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DUPLO Valley

For parents traveling with babies and younger toddlers, you can spend most of your time in DUPLO Valley. 

This play area protects your little ones from the sun and has many cute characters and large blocks for your babies to build.

There aren’t many rides, but the baby center is nearby for breastfeeding and diaper changes.

Pharaoh’s Revenge

One of the best play areas for kids at LEGOLAND Dubai is Pharoh’s Revenge.

It wasn’t as much fun during our visit because there weren’t many kids. The more kids, the more fun.

You blast balls each other with balls, but you have to work as a team to get them to your partner on the second level.


LEGOLAND Building Experiences

LEGO Master Builder Academy

If you have a preschooler that loves LEGOS, they should join one of the Master Builder classes. This is where they take their building skills to the next level.

The recommended age is five, so our little guy will attend soon. There weren’t enough kids there, so we didn’t bother.

We took the time to play with the robot, and our son had a blast.

He says he wants to be an engineer (thank you StoryBots), so this was the perfect introduction to coding and robotics for a kid his age.

Police Headquarters

If you are looking for an air-conditioned place to play in LEGO CITY, Police Headquarters is the place to go. It is next to Driving School.

There are plenty of LEGOS for little ones to build.

I tried to make a truck, but it kept falling apart when our preschooler rolled it down the ramp. I’m not the creative one in the family, so I gave up and let my wife build.

Build & Test

Another LEGO playing area is Build & Test, where your little one can build a race car and compete with other kids.

This is the first time we saw thick wheels for LEGOS. We couldn’t figure out how to build a monster truck, so our son gave up on us and used the DUPLO blocks.

This was the perfect place to hand out until the LEGO 3-D movie started. It’s close to DUPLO Valley, so if you are at LEGOLAND Dubai with a baby, it’s the perfect place to get some air and cool down.


LEGO Mindstorms is a program that shows your little ones how to program and build a LEGO robot to obey your commands.

Kids must be at least eight to attend the class. Since few people in the park, our little guy got to play with the robot.

He used the tablet to set up a sequence of commands for the robot, which included movements and sound.

LEGOLAND Dubai is introducing new classes for kids as young as five.

We’re excited for him to turn five to attend the class because he loves everything related to science.

I also want to learn a few things. It’s a fun way to learn together and for me to invest in his interests.

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Tips for Visiting LEGOLAND Dubai with Toddlers

We’ve been to quite a few LEGOLAND parks throughout our travels. They usually have the same rides, but we like visiting LEGOLAND theme parks in different countries as a family.

Sometimes there are different characters or an emphasis on other attractions, such as the massive play areas at LEGOLAND Dubai.

Here are some tips we learned while visiting LEGOLAND Dubai with our toddler.

Bring a Hat & Umbrella

When we arrived in Dubai with a toddler, we noticed people using umbrellas to block the sun. Using an umbrella is a great way to protect your toddler from the hot sun in Dubai.

We loved our Zoe Stroller because the sun canopy was large enough to cover his entire body. Since we switch to the GB Pockit+, we’ve had to adjust to the smaller sun canopy. To account for this, we use an umbrella to help shield our son from the sun.

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Buy a Souvenir Cup

I am usually against buying souvenirs, but this is an exception. You get unlimited drink refills throughout the park when you purchase a souvenir cup.

This is an amazing deal for those hot summer days. We had the cup refilled every 15-20 minutes while exploring LEGOLAND Dubai with our toddler.
It’s a great way to stay hydrated without spending a fortune. Water is $4, so we got our money’s worth by the end of the day.

We all drank from that one cup and refilled our son’s insulated cup throughout the day.

It’s funny because our four-year-old was asking for water. You know it’s hot when a four-year-old wants water instead of juice.

Use a Stroller

Having a stroller makes your life so much easier. It’s a great way to stay protected from the sun, but it also makes it easier to carry everything you need. We always have his toddler backpack and put it in the stroller when he wants to walk.

If anything, it gets you through the park faster because your toddler’s little legs can only move so quickly.

When it was getting closer to closing time, we put him in the stroller and booked it to the other side of the park to get on rides a few more times before leaving LEGOLAND Dubai.

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Use 55/45 Method

Since it was so hot, for every 20-25 minutes outside, we spent 35-40 minutes inside. There are several air-conditioned buildings for your toddlers to relax at LEGOLAND Dubai.

Using this method will keep you and your toddler from getting frustrated, plus there are LEGOS to keep them busy indoors. We stopped to eat in the Kingdom area, and there was a large table with LEGOS for kids to play.

We kept his cool, but he was still having fun, so it was a win/win for everyone. He didn’t even notice we were taking breaks from the rides because he was too busy building something.

Save the Stores for Last

I am a sucker, so our son knows he will get a new LEGO set (advantages of being an only child) every time we go to LEGOLAND. The stores are in the front, but we like to skip them until the end.

If you stop at the stores, you lose time, so wait to visit the LEGO stores until you leave the park. Plus, we hate carrying additional bags all day, so it saves us time and the annoyance of our son asking to open his new toy all day.

He is also excited to head out because he knows he’s going to the store for LEGOS, so he’s not crying when it’s time to go.

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Go Left to Right (ADVENTURE to CITY LEGO)

Most people favor their right side. Fewer people will start on the left side of the park at the beginning of the day. You will be going in the opposite direction of traffic.

Start with ADVENTURE and end your day with LEGO CITY. You will have shorter wait times for the most popular rides.

We always use this strategy at theme parks with toddlers, and it usually works.

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