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The faces behind our travel blog are Corritta (content creator), Mea (teacher and overall toddler whisper), and Caleb (the real star). We are a nomadic family that travels the world. We are passionate about travel and diversity. 

The travel industry is full of people that look exactly alike, and we want to be something different. We want to show anyone can travel regardless of their age, race, and orientation. We believe everyone should be represented and have the opportunity to see the world.

We’ve been traveling since our son was 8-weeks-old and do not plan on stopping anytime soon. We are currently a full-time travel family and are open to exploring anywhere around the world. Our priority is to provide quality content for families looking to travel with their kids without spending a fortune.

What we Do

If you are looking to promote your brand or destination to an audience of well-traveled families or families looking for that extra bit of encouragement, we can help.

We value collaborations and partnerships with brands with similar values to us – a commitment to quality, authenticity, diversity, charitability, and a passion for responsible family travel.


Our social media following has increased by over 200% within the last year. As new travel bloggers, we are focusing on growth and engagement with our audience. Our readers and followers are families interested in travel from all over the world.

Our Blog Has Been Featured in


We’ve built up a loyal audience of thousands of followers interested in family travel, and offer promotion of your destination or brand through our social media channels (InstagramFacebookPinterest), and family travel website

Within the first year, we have been featured or mentioned in over 10 major publications, ranked #1 on Google for several articles, and all of our buying guides have made it to page 1 of Google.

We utilize SEO, extensive keyword research, and social media channels to gain traffic. With this diverse strategy, we can withstand frequent changes to algorisms. 

Our readers and followers relate to our experiences and trust our recommendations because we are dedicated to honesty and transparency. Our services include:

  • Destination Marketing: Highlight your country/region/town to thousands of family travelers across our social media channels with:
  • Instagram: Create posts/stories with the brand’s website link in the bio.
  • Press trips: Promoting a destination, company, or event on social media and our blog.
  • Featured blog posts: We can write featured content including, links and sharing on social media.
  • Product Reviews: In-depth reviews of your travel-related product highlighting the features and benefits of the product.
  • Real Photography: Showcase your destination or brand with our realistic relatable photographs. Our content is relatable, which allows us to connect with families. We are regular people doing what we love with the same concerns as everyone else.
  • LGBT-Friendly Destinations: As an LGBT family, there is nothing more important than our safety. If you would like to promote your LGBT or family-friendly destination we are a perfect fit.

As part of a marginalized community, we are all too often underpaid for our contributions and hard work. Please be advised that we cannot work for free. We take pride in our work as content creators, and as such believe we should be compensated for our work.


The best way to reach us is through email at contact[at]itzafamilything[dot]com.