Best Rash Guards for Babies (That Protect Them from the Sun)

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I will start by saying; I love shopping for baby clothes. They are so tiny and cute that it’s almost criminal. As a full-time travel family, we spend a lot of time in the water, so we thought we’d write a post on the best rash guards for babies.

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Our son started swim lessons at 3 months old, so he has spent a lot of time in the water. We did extensive research, and since little ones under six months old shouldn’t use sunscreen, the best way to protect them is by using rash guards.

That is why we created this list of the best rash guards for babies. To help parents find the perfect swimsuit to protect their little ones from the sun.

Note: I usually do not separate things based on boy and girl, but for this post, it is somewhat necessary. I tried not to include the same brand twice, but there may be some duplicates. Keep in mind, just because a brand or style is listed under boy or girl, there may be models available for the opposite sex.

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Rash guards are meant to protect your baby from the sun, so they will fit a little snugly. They shouldn’t be too loose, to expose too much skin, so you may need to pay close attention to the sizing.

Some brands are not true to size, so your little one can wear them longer. Here are the best rash guards for baby boys that I love and that we’ve used over the last 2.5 years.

Note: We haven’t tried every brand, but we will note the ones we have used.

Our little guy in his Hurley rash guard at the waterpark

Hurley Long Sleeve Rash Guard

Hurley Long Sleeve Rash Guard

We have the Hurley Long Sleeve Rash Guard and have been using it for over a year with our little one.

One day we were shopping in TJ Maxx and happened to find this rash guard for babies at a great price. Our son was only six months at the time, and the only size they had was 12 months, so we got it.

Here we are, and our son is nearly two and a half years old and he’s still wearing this rash guard.

I love the protection it provides, and we got a great price and value. We’ve been using it at least once a week, and it still looks brand new.

The sizing is great because it doesn’t look too bulky with his swim diaper. We are a little biased since we’ve been using this for well over a year, so you can’t go wrong with getting this rash guard for your baby.

Hurley Long Sleeve Rash Guard Price

Simple Joys by Carter’s Rash Guard


We used the Simple Joys by Carter’s rash guard until he turned 9 months and outgrew the set.

We preferred the long sleeve version for additional protection, but you can’t go wrong with either one. There is no doubt Carter’s is one of the most recognizable and trusted brands for babies.

The one thing that stands out about this rash guard for babies is the hand wash recommendation. Honestly, we didn’t hand wash them and didn’t have any problems.

As parents, especially with an infant, we don’t have the time to handwash, so nearly everything goes into the washer, and I hope for the best.

You’ll love how affordable this 2-piece set is, plus the swim trunks have functional drawstrings. It may just be me, but I do not like drawstrings for fashion. They need to be useful, and these deliver.

With UPF 50+ sun protection your little one will not be harmed by UV rays. It should be noted these tend to run slightly small and the shirts are snug, so you may need to size up for your little guy.

Simple Joys by Carter's Price

Baby Sunscreen

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Coolibar Baby Finn Hooded Rash Guard

No products found.

The Coolibar Baby Finn Hooded Rash Guard has a unique rash guard for babies to protect them from the sun.

Since it is hooded, you don’t have to worry about your little one wearing a sun hat. If you can’t get your little one to leave their hat on, this may be the perfect alternative for you.

According to their size chart, little ones between 25-27″ and 15-18 lbs. can fit for six months. Although the sizing says six months, babies 3-6 months can wear this rash guard. This rash guard blocks 98% of harmful rays, plus covers all of their exposed skin.

If you want to give your little one a little extra sun protection without having to pack more things, this is the one for you. There are designs for girls and boys, so your baby girl won’t miss out.

No products found.

RuggedButts Rash Guard One Piece


RuggedButts One Piece has a nearly perfect rating with 4.9 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon. This makes it the highest-rated rash guard for babies on our list.

Many parents rave about the quality of this product. Since it is long sleeve your baby has an extra layer of protection to keep their skin from being exposed to the sun. With UPF 50+protection your baby can wear it at the pool, beach, or the park.

The manufacturer recommends hand-washing in cold water and letting it air dry. Overall, based on the reviews, you can’t go wrong with putting your little one in RuggedButts.

RuggedButts Price

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RuggedButts Rash Guard Shirt & Swim Trunks

No products found.

RuggedButts Swim Trunks

The RuggedButts Rash Guard Shirt & Swim Trunks are separate, but if you only need the shirt, it can be worn with any swim trunks. We thought we’d include the swim trunk, just in case you want a matching top and bottom.

The longer collar provides extra protection around your little one’s neck. Remember, rash guard shirts are supported to fit a little snugly, so you do not want to order a size too big.

I love matching siblings, so you can get matching swimsuits for everyone in the family with the different styles this brand offers.

Their RuffleButt rash guards for girls are the cutest, and I’m sure you’ll find something for the family to match.

No products found.



I absolutely love the full-length zippers on UV Skinz rash guards for babies. They are more convenient than the half-zipper style, especially for diaper changes.

Although this particular post is for babies, these are the ideal rash guards for toddlers.

Our son doesn’t like getting dressed or getting his diaper changed, so this certainly makes it easier. This is the brand we plan to buy for our 2-year-old when we get back from Mexico.

The button at the top is nice to keep your baby from playing with the zipper or hurting themselves.

There are pockets, which aren’t helpful, but they are adorable. The raglan cut sleeves are designed to be more flexible, so your little one can move more freely.

This rash guard can be washed in cold water and can air dry. We’ll be sure to update this post after we purchase it for our toddler to let you know how well it works for a very active 2-year-old.


SwimZip Rash Guard

SwimZip Rash Guard

The SwimZip Rash Guard is another full-length rash guard for babies that provide full-body sun protection. Plus, the designs are the cutest.

The sizing for these sun-protective swimsuits is more liberal, so your baby can wear them longer.

Parents can appreciate the tag-less design that won’t irritate your little ones. Your little one can hang out at the beach or pool with complete protection and comfort.

I wasn’t able to find girl prints, so it looks like this specific model is exclusive to boys.

SwimZip Rash Guard Price

Baby Sun Hats

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We do not have a daughter, so we can only include pictures of our son in his adorable rash guards.

My wife is hoping baby #2 is a girl; so she can spend a ridiculous amount of money on cute baby clothes.

Here are the best rash guards for baby girls. They are fashionable while protecting your little one from the harmful rays of the sun.

RuffleButts (Our Favorite)

No products found.

RuffleButts is by far our favorite rash guard for babies. They are too adorable not to love, plus there are so many styles available, you are bound to find something you love.

As the name suggests there are ruffles on these swimsuits, but they are so cute.

No products found.

Popular RuffleButts Swimsuits for Babies

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i play. Two Piece Rashguard

i play. by green sprouts

The great thing about i play. Two Piece Rash Guard is there is no need for an additional swim diaper. This swim set has two pieces, with the bottoms being a reusable swim diaper.

I love that this brand has built-in swim diapers in their baby rash guards, so one less thing to put on your little one.

For the best sun protection, I always recommend getting long sleeves, but there are short-sleeve options.

This is one of the most popular brands for everything you need to enjoy a day at the beach with your baby. They have several different styles of rash guards for babies, so you can find something you love for your baby.

No products found.

i Play Beach Accessories

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Coolibar Swim Tights

No products found.

Coolibar Swim Tights are perfect for days out, if you plan to spend some time in the water. Having a few pair of these are convenient, especially for toddlers.

These swim tights are cooler than leggings, offer UPF 50+ protection, dry quickly, and provide more stretch for active babies.

If your little one is crawling, these may be perfect for them to get around the beach.

What I like the most about these swim tights is how versatile they are. Your little one can wear them anywhere, and be protected from the sun.

Spend a day at the park, on a boat, or near the pool, without having to reach for sunscreen.

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Coolibar Swim Tights Price



The HUAANIUE Rash Guard is the most affordable sun-protective swimsuit on our list.

You’ll notice the bright floral designs, that many parents love. Honestly, the designs on these rash guards are my favorite.

According to the reviews, parents love this rash guard. The sizing allows your little one to grow into it, so they can wear it longer.

Like the other protective swimwear on our list, the material is UPF 50+ to protect your little one from the sun.

To maintain the integrity of the material, it is recommended that you hand-wash the swimsuit and hang it dry.

If you want matching rash guards, there are sizes large enough to fit 6-year-olds. Who doesn’t love matching family swimsuits?

HUAANIUE Rash Guard Price

Baby Sunglasses

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Tommy Bahama Rash Guard

Tommy Bahama Rash Guard

I didn’t realize there was a Tommy Bahama Rash Guard. We’ve used their umbrellas and beach chairs, but I didn’t know they had rash guards for babies.

What I like about this brand, is how durable they are. Tommy Bahama is known for being of great quality, you don’t have to worry about protecting your baby’s arms when they are in the water.

On the flip side, this rash guard doesn’t offer a lot of protection for your baby’s legs.

I understand the logic being your little one will be in the water, but let’s be honest. Our son wasn’t crazy about the water after he was 6 months old, so your baby may not spend a lot of time in the water.

Overall, if you want a brand known for its quality and durability, Tommy Bahama is a good bet.

Tommy Bahama Rash Guard Price

Beach Gear from Tommy Bahama

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weVSwe Rash Guard

weVSwe Rash Guard

The weVSwe Rash Guard is the only rash guard on our list that has a crotch zipper that can be changed easily.

Diaper changes are always annoying with full-length rash guards because you have to get your little one naked, but with this one, you don’t have to.

Along with having quick and easy access to diaper changes, these are adorable.

The one thing I wish this rash guard did have was a full-length zipper, instead of 3/4. It would make it easier to get on and off, but overall it’s one of our favorite rash guards for babies.

weVSwe Rash Guard Price


UV SKINZ Rash Guard

I decided to add UV Skinz twice because their rash guards for baby girls are so adorable. I will admit, I wasn’t a fan of ruffles, but they’ve grown on me.

This full-body-length rash guard for baby girls has adorable ruffles on the wrist and ankles.

There isn’t much of a difference between the girl and boys version, except for the design and ruffles.

Although this is one of the most expensive rash guards on our list, your little one will be completely protected from the sun.

UV SKINZ Rash Guard Price

Conclusion: Best Rash Guards for Babies

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of these rash guards for babies. Depending on your style and the size of your baby one brand may be better than the other.

All of the protective swimsuits on our list provide the necessary protection needed for babies, especially those under 6 months old.

Since little ones under six months cannot use sunscreen, it is important to protect their skin from the sun, and the best way to do that is by using rash guards.

Also, keep in mind rash guards aren’t just for babies and kids, adults can use them as well.

Having more sun protection reduces the need to apply excessive sunscreen, and less sunscreen means there will be fewer harmful chemicals in the ocean. Every little bit counts, so wear a rash guard.

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