The 25 Best Beach Toys for 2-Year-Olds

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Since we spend a lot of time at the beach (and he’s a Southern California baby), we decided to write a post about the best beach toys for 2-year-olds.

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Since moving to Playa Del Carmen, we spend a lot of time at the beach. As you could imagine, our 2-year-old is more obsessed with the sand than the water, so the beach is all about playing in the sand. If this is your first time taking your toddler to the beach, here are a few tips.

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Melissa & Doug Seaside Sidekicks Sand Baking Set

Melissa & Doug Seaside Sidekicks Sand Baking Set

I love toys from Melissa & Doug. They are one of my favorite toy brands for toddlers. One of the best beach toys for 2-year-olds is the Melissa & Doug Seaside Sidekicks Sand Baking Set

I want to buy this beach set for our toddler, but my wife said no. This cute baking set is fun for toddlers who like to play in the sand.

We go to the beach (a 10-minute walk from our house) for our son to play in the sand. He isn’t comfortable in the water yet, so we’re there for fun in the sun and sand.

Your toddler will enjoy this 7-piece set to make sea creature sand cakes. There are 2 shell-shaped measuring cups, a crab mixing spoon, a mixing bowl, and an octopus whisk.

Sidekicks Sand Baking Set Price

Sand Pal Building Kit

Sand Pal Building Kit

If you have a little one that likes to build sandcastles, the sand pal building kit is the perfect beach set. This playset is also great for snow, so your little one can build an igloo or snow castle.

Take time as a family to create a masterpiece. This beach kit is something kids; and adults will love, especially those who are creatively challenged (like myself).

Your kids will be able to continue using this as they get older to make more elaborate creations. This fun beach set includes a travel bag so you can keep all the toys in one place. The only thing to ask is, do you want to build a sandcastle?

Sand Pal Building Kit Price

FoxPrint Beach Sand Toy Set

No products found.

The FoxPrint Beach Sand Toy Set is a complete beach playset that includes everything you need for your toddler to enjoy a fun day at the beach.

This set includes 16 pieces. Including multi-colored molds with different animals such as an alligator, crocodile, turtle, bunny, and dinosaur.

There are also two castle mold walls, two round castles, a castle bucket, a sand sifter, a watering can, a rake, and a shovel.

These bright beach toys will have your 2-year-old entertained for hours. It’s one of our favorite sets, since it includes everything, and has a travel bag included for storage.

No products found.

Click N Play Beach Sand Toy Set

Click N Play Beach Sand Toy Set

The Click N Play Beach Sand Toy Set is the most popular and bestselling beach toy for toddlers. It is the best value with 18 pieces and a sand-free mesh bag for storage.

This beach set for toddlers includes fun animal molds, two shovels, three rakes, two sand sifters, and a watering can. If you are looking for affordable beach toys for a 1-year-old, this is it.

Click N Play Beach Sand Toy Set Price

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Melissa & Doug Seaside Sidekicks Funnel Fun

Melissa & Doug Sand Brick-Building Set

Melissa & Doug Seaside Sidekicks Funnel Fun is a fun beach toy for 2-year-olds. Our son loves pouring water into the funnel and watching the pieces move.

Not only can your toddler use this for the beach, but it’s also a fun bath toy. This is one of the toys we used to get our son to take a bath, now he loves bath time.

This fun funnel can be bundled with the sand baking set so your toddler can keep themselves entertained at the beach.

Melissa & Doug Seaside Sidekicks Funnel Fun Price

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Matty’s Toy Stop Sand Shovel

Matty's Toy Stop Sand Shovel

The Matty’s Toy Stop Sand Shovel is one of the best shovels for playing in the sand because your little one can get more sand with each scoop.

These shovels are more durable than the lightweight cheap plastic ones.

This set will stand the test of time, so your kids can use them for years.

Matty's Toy Stop Sand Shovel Price

Loadie Loader Sand Truck

Loadie Loader Sand Truck

The Loadie Loader Sand Truck is a fun toy for the beach, sandbox, and backyard. It’s the perfect toy to keep your little one busy while at the beach.

I’m a huge fan of B. Toys, so there are quite a few beach toys for 1-year-olds from this brand. This excavator is a lot of fun for kids at the beach.

The parts are movable, so your little one can dump and move sand to their heart’s desire. They can also use it to dig for treasure.

This loader, plus the dump truck is the perfect combination to enjoy a day at the beach with family.

Loadie Loader Sand Truck Price

Sand Castle Beach Bucket

Sand Castle Beach Bucket

You can’t have a day at the beach without a Sand Castle Beach Bucket. Honestly, I can’t make a sandcastle. I’m just terrible at it. If it were left up to me, our son would not be happy with the final results.

For parents who can build sandcastles, these buckets are great. They make the perfect sandcastles so the entire family can have fun creating a masterpiece together.

Sand Castle Beach Bucket Price

Bestselling Mesh Beach Bags

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Hape Kid’s 5 in 1 Beach Set

No products found.

According to the reviews, the Hape Kid’s 5-in-1 Beach Set is the perfect beach toy for 2-year-old twins. Parents rave about this set for their toddlers, especially twins.

The pieces fit perfectly within one another, so it’s easy to store. This set isn’t fancy, but based on the reviews it’s worth it.

No products found.

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Elephant Bubble Machine

Elephant Bubble Machine

The Kidzlane Bubble Machine isn’t really a beach toy, but all kids love bubbles. Bubble machines are a lot of fun, plus they get your little one tired enough for a great night of sleep.

I’m all for anything that gets our son tired enough to go to bed early. This bubble machine makes over 500 bubbles per minute, so there will be plenty of bubbles for them to chase around the beach.

Kidzlane Bubble Machine Price

Matty’s Toy Stop Sand Grabber Claw

Matty's Toy Stop Sand Grabber Claw

I thought Matty’s Toy Stop Sand Grabber Claw was another unique beach you, so I included it on our list of the best beach toys for 2-year-olds.

Our son recently discovered digging, so these are perfect for helping him dig deep into the sand.

These would be great for a scavenger hunt with your little one. Take a few of the animal molds and hide them in certain areas. Use the clues to help them explore the beach and find the hidden treasure.

Matty's Toy Stop Sand Grabber Claw Price

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Water Blaster Soaker Gun

Water Blaster Soaker Gun

You can’t really have a day at the beach without a way to throw water at one another. The Water Blaster Soaker Gun is the perfect toy for getting the family wet without using water guns.

These water soakers are lightweight, so toddlers as young as two years old can use them. With a range of over 30 feet, these water blasters will have the entire family in on the fun.

Water Blaster Soaker Gun Price

Matty’s Toy Stop Sand Digger

Matty's Toy Stop Sand Digger

Matty’s Toy Stop Sand Digger is a unique beach toy that I’ve never seen before, so I wanted to include it on this list for other families to check out.

These beach toys are perfect for digging holes, making roads, and writing messages in the sand.

For families that bury one another, this is the perfect beach toy to help your little one dig. Each sand digger has a different design, so they are functional and fun.

Matty's Toy Stop Sand Digger Price

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Sidekicks Sand Cookie Set

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Sidekicks Sand Cookie

The Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Sidekicks Sand Cookie Set is my favorite beach toy for 2-year-olds. It is a unique toy that encourages your little one’s imagination.

Your toddler has everything they need to make sand cookies for the family. This set is 11 pieces, which include a spatula, three molds, two plates, a rolling pin, and a shaker.

Much like the other beach toys on our list, this set can be used with snow, as well as sand.

Some parents say this set is great with Play-Doh, but we’ve banned it from our house, so I can’t confirm if this is true.

Melissa & Doug Sand Cookie Kit Price

Pink Princess Castle Beach Set

Pink Princess Castle Beach Set

I included the Pink Princess Castle Beach Set for kids that love the color pink. It isn’t just for girls, but for any kid who wants a pink beach set.

You can guarantee these beach toys will be difficult to lose or misplace on the beach because they will stand out.

This princess set has 14 pieces, which include a castle-shaped bucket, sand wheel, rakes, seven molds, rakes, and a dump truck,

This set has everything your 2-year-old needs to enjoy a fun day at the beach.

Pink Princess Castle Beach Set Price

B. Toys – Colossal Truck & Sand Bucket Set

B. Toys – Complete Colossal Truck & Sand Bucket Set

The B. Toys – Colossal Truck & Sand Bucket Set is our favorite version of the beach toys by B. Toys. This truck has huge wheels, which are perfect for rolling through the sand.

This set includes ten sea-themed pieces, which are perfect for the beach or sandbox. It comes with a large dump truck, a spinner, a mini dump truck, animal molds, a rake, a shovel, a sifter, and a bucket.

I guarantee your toddler will love this beach set, especially if they like cars. Our 2-year-old would go crazy for this sand playset.

B. Toys – Colossal Truck & Sand Bucket Set Price

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Octopus Kite

Octopus Kite

I will admit, that I flew a kite for the first time during quarantine, and it was a blast. Since then we’ve purchased a few kites for our son to fly, and he’s had a lot of fun.

This Octopus Kite (or any kite) is a fun toy that families can play with. You may think it’s simple, but it’ll be a lot of fun.

We even turned it into a competition on who can fly the highest for the longest.

I’m not going to say who won, but it was a good time, plus it’s something you can do at home in the yard.

Octopus Kite Price

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B. Toys – Wavy-Wagon

B. Toys – Wavy-Wagon

The B. Toys – Wavy-Wagon is full of wacky fun beach toys for toddlers. Along with the wagon, you get 11 fun sand toys.

It includes a boat, rake, shovel, sifter, bucket, sea animal nesting cups, sand molds, and the cool wagon.

The wavy wagon is one of the most versatile sets on our list. I think the only drawback of this beach set is the size.

It takes up a lot of space in the trunk, but it’s perfect for a day at the beach, plus you don’t have to carry anything.

Your little ones can pull the wagon from the car to the beach. We like to live by the rule if you pack it, you have to carry it.

B. Toys – Wavy-Wagon Price

John Deere Sandbox Vehicle

John Deere Sandbox Vehicle

If your little one loves trucks and cars, then the John Deere Sandbox Vehicle is the perfect beach toy for your toddler. Our son loves anything with wheels, so this is the best beach toy for our 2-year-old.

This vehicle set has functional parks that your little one can use to move sand.

The tractor has a front loader that your toddler can dig sand and put in the dump truck. Plus, the wheels are thick making them easy to roll on the sand.

Overall this is one of our favorite beach toys for toddlers because they can also be used at home. Plus, we have a 2-year-old obsessed with wheels, so this set keeps him occupied for a while.

John Deere Sandbox Vehicle Price

Green Toys Sand Play Set

Green Toys Sand Play Set

The Green Toys Sand Play Set is an eco-friendly brand, this beach playset is made from 100% recycled materials. Each set is made from recycled milk jugs, so there are no toxic materials.

The cotton handle rope is easier on your little one’s hands, making it easier for them to carry water. Plus, it’s more durable, so it won’t pop off or break, like the other plastic handles.

Although it is a simple beach set every purchase helps the environment. If you are environmentally conscious and looking for a non-plastic option, this is it.

Green Toys Sand Play Set Price

Activ Life Kid’s Flying Ring

Activ Life Kid's Flying Ring

The Activ Life Kid’s Flying Ring is the upgraded version of Frisbee. These flying rings are 80% lighter, making them easier for toddlers to hold and throw. Although this isn’t exactly the best beach toy for a 2-year-old, it does make for family fun at the beach.

Along with being lightweight, colorful, and fun, they also float in water, making them perfect for the beach. Your little one will have an easier time catching and throwing these than any other ball.

This is one of the few toys on our list that is made for the entire family. You may even be able to get your older kids away from their phones to join the fun.

Activ Life Kid's Flying Ring Price

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Toys Toss and Catch Game Set

Toys Toss and Catch Game Set

This game is like a blast from the past because I used to play this in gym class growing up, which proves some things may get old, but it doesn’t mean it’s irrelevant.

The toss-and-catch game toy set makes it easier for younger kids to throw and catch a ball. The Velcro catches the ball, so they are more likely to get it, as opposed to trying to catch the ball with their hands.

The Velcro is strong enough to catch the ball but not too strong that your little one can’t pull it off to throw the ball back.

This isn’t just a beach toy; you can play with it in the front or backyard at home or in the park.

Either way, this is a fun set to get the family out of the house and have some fun family quality time.

Toys Toss and Catch Game Set Price

Top Race Beach Toys

Top Race Beach Toys

Ready for some sand ice cream cones? I’m sure your toddler will love the top race beach toys ice cream toy set. This beach toy set comes with 14 pieces to get your little one’s imagination going.

Your little one will get a large beach bucket with a cover, 2 ice cream cups, 2 ice cream scoopers, 4 ice cream cones, 2 cupcake holders, and 4 ice creams. Trust me; your little ones will spend all day playing with this set at the beach.

Top Race Beach Toys Price

Nuby Little Squirts

Nuby Little Squirts

Bath toys make fun beach toys, especially for 1-year-olds, so we like to take bath squitters to the beach. They are a fun and inexpensive toy for babies and toddlers to enjoy at the beach.

We like to use ocean creatures, to help our little guy learn about animals. We take them with us everywhere, especially in the pool.

Overall, these are one of our favorite beach toys for babies.

Nuby Little Squirts Price

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Bonus: Large Beach Ball

Large Beach Ball

What is a day at the beach without a large beach ball? It’s a fun way to include everyone in a fun day at the beach.

I searched for an eco-friendly beach ball, but there doesn’t seem to be one available.

It would be nice if there were an eco-friendly option, but maybe there will be one eventually.

Large Beach BallPrice

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