Tips For Visiting LEGOLAND California With A Toddler or Baby

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If you are familiar with our blog, you probably already know our answer. The answer is YES!!!

LEGOLAND California is the perfect destination for families with younger kids including babies (kids under 3 are free).

At first glance, you may think that your children are too young, but there is plenty to keep you and your little ones busy. LEGOLAND California with a toddler is more fun than you’d imagine.

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LEGOLAND Entrance Family Pic

What makes it even better is that it is a great destination for adults and kids alike. I can honestly say it exceeded all our expectations and even prompted us to visit their international parks.

We (mostly mama) are stoked to visit LEGOLAND Dubai in 2022.

We had a lot of fun on a last-minute trip to LEGOLAND Flordia, and plan on returning to stay at the LEGOLAND Flordia Hotel, before heading to Asia.

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Our opinion is LEGOLAND is better than Disney because you can take your time and the park is not as massive so you can take everything in slowly.

There is a water park, which is awesome for those warm days in Southern California.

LEGOLAND is the perfect destination for a toddler and I can guarantee you will enjoy it too.
Building a tower with mommy using  large soft LEGOS.
Building with soft blocks

Essentials for LEGOLAND with a Toddler

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The best time to visit LEGOLAND is during the offseason while kids are still in school. This will not only save you money but a lot of time and frustration.

Since the hours for LEGOLAND are from 10 am to 5 pm (open to 7 pm on some days), you will not have a lot of time to do everything if the park is full.

LEGOLAND California with toddler running
He’s always trying to make a run for it.

We decided to go to LEGOLAND Holiday on a weekday and it did not disappoint.

We saved over $30 per ticket by going on a Thursday and our longest wait in a line was only five minutes.

For parents with small toddlers, this is long enough to keep them distracted before getting on the ride.

I recommend using the website is it packed to find the best days to go to the amusement park.

Although it is not always correct the calendar does give you a good idea of when the park will be the most crowded.

The Taj Mahal


Although there is a height requirement for many rides at LEGOLAND, there are some that do not have a minimum height requirement.

Also, do not forget that LEGOLAND is more than just rides there are different attractions and play areas for kids of every age.

LEGOLAND Adventure Treasure

It will certainly bring out the kid in you as you enjoy your time here. Here are the different activities you can do with your baby or toddler at LEGOLAND.

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Explorer Island

Dig Those Dinos

Does your little one like to dig and explore?

This is the perfect place for your toddler to keep busy and have fun. This area allows kids to play paleontologists by digging for fossils of long-lost dinosaurs.

The sandpits are full of fun but remember to keep an eye on your toddler.

If they are anything like ours, they may want to explore more with their mouths than with their hands. So far, he has not met anything he has not wanted to taste test. 

Fairy Tale Brook

Need a minute to sit door and rest? The fairy tale brook is the perfect place to sit with your baby or toddler and get a moment to relax.

Let’s be honest, do we (moms in particular) ever really get a moment to truly relax?

This may be one of the chances you have to take a load off and enjoy the ride while your toddler is amused by the funny fairy tales. 

LEGOLAND California with toddler for Christmas
Taking a family photo with Santa

Fun Town


All aboard the fun train! Unless you have a toddler like ours and they want to play with the rocks and LEGO animals instead of getting on the train (insert facepalm here).

The train takes you around the garden where you can see little LEGO animals scattered about. The little rabbits and carrots are so cute.

DUPLO Playtown

This interactive playground can keep your toddler entertained for the entire day if you are not careful.

This was our first destination when we entered LEGOLAND and he did not want to leave.

There is a hospital, police station, doctor’s office, supermarket, and LEGOS to play with. There is also a cute LEGO dalmatian that baby Cee made friends with.

:EGOLAND California with toddler DUPLO
Petting the dog

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Castle Hill

The Hideaways

The hideaways are a play structure that allows kids to run and climb and even walk on a catwalk. This activity may be best for kids that are 2 years old or older because of the climbing.

The Dragon Tot Spot

This area is designed for the younger kids to play while older kids “tame the Dragon”.

Land of Adventure

Cargo Ace

If your toddler can stand on their own, they can become a pilot and take off. You can board an airplane and fly in the air. The flight reaches heights up to six feet. 

LEGO City: Deep Sea Adventure

I must admit this is by far my favorite attraction at LEGOLAND California with toddlers. It is interactive for kids 2 and under.

The best part was there were no lines, so we were able to walk right in and get into a submarine.

You will head on an adventure that takes you through the “ocean” to discover lost treasure.

This ride is interactive in that you can use the touchscreen to document the treasure as you find it. The water is filled with beautiful sea life and fun LEGO characters. 

Riding on the submarine

Imagination Zone

LEGO Show Place 4D

Although we did enjoy our time here attending a show may not be for everyone. There is loud music, smoke, lasers, strobe lighting, and water.

If your toddler is sensitive to sounds it may be best to skip this time around.

Our son didn’t react much to the show outside of watching the screen and laughing. (the show is approx. 12 minutes)


The DUPLO play areas are the best and give kids the best thing ever, space, and LEGOS.

They can run around and enjoy themselves while having access to LEGO to build.

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Miniland USA

Miniland USA

I was amazed by how lifelike all the structures look in Miniland USA.

The details are amazing, especially the Strip in Las Vegas. It is like you are overlooking the strip from above with all the exact details from Las Vegas.

We were there during the holiday season, so it was very nice to see the soldiers marching and playing music in front of the White House.

You can tell there is special attention paid to everything created in this area. Our son enjoyed looking at the structures at eye level and even danced along to the music. 

Coast Cruise

Running through the play area

The cruise around the world is not only relaxing but astonishing.

You are taken through the phenomenal LEGO replicas of some of the most iconic places from around the world. You will be amazed by how lifelike everything looks.

The Eifel Tower and Mt. Rushmore are a few of the structures that you will see during your boat ride.

Can you believe over 60 million LEGOS were used to create these structures? That seems unbelievable and amazing at the same time.

Coast Guard Build-A-Boat

If you are in the mood for some competition, the build-a-boat is a perfect place for you. You can help your little one builds a boat and even race it along the trail.

This is a great place to get the whole family involved and see who can build the best boat. 

Who is this dude?

Model Shop

The model shop must be one of the coolest places in the park. You get a chance to see the LEGO Master Builders at work creating models and charters for the park.

This completely changed my perspective of LEGOS and made me realize how creative you can be. If you can imagine it, I am sure you can build it.

What better lesson than to teach our kids? This even prompted a non-artistic person like me to buy a LEGO set and start building. 

LEGOLAND Mt Rushmore Mommy n Baby
Mount Rushmore


The baby center is not just for babies you can take toddlers up to age 3. It is the perfect place to stop and take a break for both parents and kids.

There are stalls available for privacy for lactating moms. The room is clean and has a family restroom with two changing tables in the back area.

There is a small play area with LEGOS for the little ones to play with while you rest. The best part is the amenities that are available bottle warmer, microwave, refrigerator, and water.

This is by far the best baby center I have seen in an amusement park. This is coming from a mom that had to pump in the corner facing the wall with a blanket for our son.


LEGOLAND may be one of the best places for toddlers because it is manageable to navigate in one day.

Unlike Disney, the park is not too massive that you become overwhelmed by trying to do everything.

With the proper planning, you can enjoy a fun stress-free day at LEGOLAND with your baby.

We always look for information before we head out with our son. When we click on articles that say, “tips for toddlers…”, they are usually obvious general tips such as bringing sunscreen or drinking water.  

Here are the best tips for visiting LEGOLAND California with a baby or toddler that is useful and informational.

How cool is this?


If you plan on arriving early to get parking close to the entrance plan to arrive at the park before it opens. We arrived at 10:07 and had to walk quite a way to the entrance.

I recommend arriving 30 minutes early to get the best parking spot.

Parking is $25 and general parking is not too bad if you arrive early enough. If you do not mind paying more preferred parking is available.

Stop by Guest Services

I always recommend stopping at Guest Services to get an identification bracelet for your little one.

Having a bracelet is precautionary in the event you get separated; it will be easier to reunite you with your little one.

I know we all do not think this will happen, but better safe than sorry.  

Tip: If you have an emergency or need to contact someone you can text 760-203-3604. 

Child Safety Harness for Toddlers

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Bring Snacks

We like to save money when we go to theme parks, so we usually bring our food.

Having a toddler is the best because they usually let you get away with bringing snacks. If you pack the food in Ziplock bags you should get through with no problem.

If you have snacks you will not have to stop to take time to eat. Your kids can enjoy something to eat while you are waiting in line.

You are permitted to bring a small cooler but check ahead of time for the size restriction.  

Tip: Bring a refillable water bottle and stop by the baby center to get free water. 

Our Favorite Snack Bowls & Cups for Toddlers

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Riding the river to see the cool creations

Download LEGOLAND app

The app is great because it gives you the wait time for rides in real-time. It also provides the height requirements for all the rides, showtimes, and walking directions. 

Start at the back

To skip the long lines the best way to work your way through the park is to go from the back to the front.

If you think about it everyone will be starting at the front and stopping as they work their way through.

To beat the crowds, start at the back of the park and work your way to the front. This way you can avoid the long lines and have more time to enjoy the park.

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Parent Swap

Parent swap is great for families traveling with young and older children. All you need are two adults, and you can utilize this great feature.

Everyone must wait in line and when you get to the front, tell the operator you would like to do the parent swap.

LEGOLAND Ninjago Mama
Hanging out with the Master

Parent swap allows you to get on the ride with the older children while one parent waits with the little one. When the ride is over, the other parent can then ride with the older kids.

Kids get on the ride twice, and each parent can enjoy it.


If you have older children, it would be easier to separate and let the older kids get on the rides with height restrictions.

Older kids can have fun and get on all the rides while you hang out and explore with your little one.

Be sure to have a lightweight stroller because there will be a lot of walking.

Affordable Lightweight Travel Strollers

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SeaLife Aquarium

If you have a combination ticket that includes SeaLife Aquarium it is best to save this for last.

The aquarium is open later than the park so you can stop by and walk through on the way out.

If you are taking your time and completing the scavenger hunt it could take 40 minutes to get through everything.

This is perfect because the exit to the aquarium takes you outside of the park so you can head towards the parking lot when you are done.

Bonus: Stop by LEGOLAND Hotel and take the elevator

This is a tip that I learned from a friend that used to work at LEGOLAND. She says one of the best things about LEGOLAND is the hotel and the elevator in particular.

If you have kids between the ages of 2 and 5, they will love it. If you stopped by let me know what happened and if your kids enjoyed it in the comments below.

Tips for LEGOLAND with a Toddler_1
Tips for LEGOLAND with a Toddler_2

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