20 Things to do in Orlando with Toddlers

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We went to Orlando for my birthday last week and had a blast. There is so much to do in Orlando; it’s the perfect place for a family vacation. Orlando is the best place for families with toddlers. There is so much to do in Orlando with toddlers that older kids will enjoy too.

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Honestly, Orlando is the best place to take kids of all ages. There is something for everyone to do, from the youngest toddler to grandma.

Here are the best things to do in Orlando with toddlers. For this post, we are defining toddlers as 18 months to 4 years old.

Note: Toddlers under three years old are free at all theme parks in Orlando. It would be the perfect place to visit a few days before your toddler’s third birthday. We’re heading to Magic Kingdom a few weeks before for our son’s third birthday in November.

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This section is for places that have a lot of activities for toddlers. There aren’t just a few rides, but there is a lot to do with younger kids.

These are the places we spent most of our time since our little one is only two years old.

With only seven days in Orlando with our toddler, we didn’t have a chance to do everything before heading to Sarasota for some kid-friendly fun.

We aren’t too bummed out because we will be celebrating our son’s third birthday at Magic Kingdom, so we’ll do the things we missed the first time around.

1. LEGOLAND Florida Resort

LEGOLAND Florida with toddler Land of Adventure

Without question, one of our favorite places in Orlando for toddlers is LEGOLAND Florida Resort. There is so much for younger kids to do; even older kids will love it.

What we like most about LEGOLAND Florida with toddlers is how manageable the theme park is. Unlike Disney, it’s not overwhelming, so you can get everything done in one day.

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Honestly, I think I enjoyed it a little more than our toddler did. The baby center is the best one we’ve been to, including Disney, and that’s saying something.

DUPLO Valley is where most toddlers hang out, but there are other rides for them to enjoy. Don’t forget there are LEGOS everywhere of all different sizes for kids of all ages to enjoy.

If you want a more in-depth guide on enjoying LEGOLAND Florida check out our ultimate guide to LEGOLAND Florida with toddlers.

LEGOS for Toddlers

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2. Monkey Joe’s

Monkey Joe’s is a local play area for kids, even toddlers. We always look for a play area when we travel with our toddler because sometimes he needs to go somewhere to run and release energy.

Monkey Joe’s has bounce houses, a large jungle gym, arcade games, a foam ball pit, and an infant play area.

We spend two hours watching him run around, jump in the pit, and climb on the jungle gym, and we even played a few games.

There is a section for younger kids, so you don’t have to worry about your toddler getting knocked around by older kids.

The bounce houses and soft areas are for children three years old and under, so your toddler can play freely.

If you are looking for a place indoors during a rainy day in Orlando with toddlers, this is the perfect place. They can eat pizza, play games, and release energy.

3. Orlando Science Center

We are all about education and learning, so we always try to go to children’s museums when we travel, and the Orlando Science Center did not disappoint.

It was perfect because our son has been learning a lot from Story Bots on Netflix, so we try to reinforce that with practical experiments.

I can honestly say the Orlando Science Center is one of the best children’s museums we’ve been to, and we’ve been to quite a few.

Orlando Science Center Toddler-Friendly Exhibits

There is so much to do. Our son spent most of his time in Kids Town, which is perfect for toddlers and young children. Some of the other exhibits in the museum are:

  • Kinetic Zone – This is where your toddler can be innovative, build, and test their fun creations. Experiment with balance, electricity, gravity, and force.
  • NatureWorks – This is where kids can learn about Florida’s ecosystem. I wasn’t a huge fan because of the snakes, but if your toddler thinks they are cool, they’ll love this exhibit.
  • Our Planet – There is so much to do in this exhibit. Most of the areas are interactive, so they can build paper airplanes, and rockets, experience an earthquake, see a tornado, and even become a meteorologist. See if you can build a paper airplane that hits the targets.
  • DinoDigs – This was one of my favorite parts of the science center. I love dinosaurs, plus we’ve been watching a lot of learning videos on dinosaurs, so our little guy is into them.
  • KidsTown – I’m sure this is where your toddler will want to spend most of their time. There are kids, oranges, and other food items everywhere for them to play with. This area is restricted to kids between 0 and 7, so you don’t have to worry about older kids getting rough.

I didn’t list all of the exhibits, but these are the ones where we spent the most time. Some of the areas are for older kids, but these sections are perfect for toddlers.

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4. Animal Kingdom

Tried to get a decent family photo in front of the sign and we were photobombed.

We spent my actual birthday at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and it was so much more fun than I imagined. It was our first time going to Disney World, and I can say that it did not disappoint.

It was an unbelievably hot day, but we had so much fun. There is so much to see and do, although there aren’t many rides for little ones.

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Checking out the Tree of Life

Our two-year-old had fun watching the shows, enjoying the petting zoo, eating the unbelievable snacks, and running around the play areas.

The best part, the lines weren’t too long, we didn’t spend more than 30 minutes waiting for an attraction.

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Although this article is about toddlers, it was a great birthday gift. I got on most of the rides, and I can say the Avatar ride is a must.

Here are some of the things to do at Disney’s Animal Kingdom with Toddlers:

  • Rafiki’s Planet Watch
  • Wildlife Express Train
  • TriceraTop Spin

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5. Central Florida Zoo

We’ve been to several zoos throughout the country, so we decided to skip it for this trip. Plus, my favorite zoo is Safari Park in San Diego, where we lived for several years.

Tickets to Central Florida Zoo

With only a week to spend in Orlando for my birthday, we decided to focus on other activities. Although we didn’t get to stop by on this trip, we plan to visit next time.

There are some fun activities for toddlers, which include:

  • Giraffe Feeding
  • Splash Ground
  • Carousel
  • Face Painting
  • Barnyard Buddies Children’s Zoo
  • Seminole Aerial Adventures – Kids Course

Note: Save $$$ at Family Sunset at the Zoo for only $5 from 5 pm to sunset from May to October.

6. Sea Life Orlando Aquarium

The Sea Life Orlando Aquarium is a fun activity for toddlers in Orlando. Aquariums are great ways to entertain your toddler on a rainy day. They are fun, educational, and air-conditioned (for hot summer days).

Kids can learn about turtles, sharks, octopuses, sea horses, coral reefs, and other essential sea life creatures.

There are nine interactive exhibits to learn and explore, plus a play area for kids to run and for you to get a break.

Note: Toddler Tuesdays are perfect for younger kids. They have programs, especially for kids under 5 years old, so if possible try to attend.

7. Crayola Experience

Crayola Experience is so cool. We’ve been here twice and had a blast each time.

It’s the perfect place for your toddler to bring their creations to life.

There isn’t just coloring; your toddler can create a crayon, climb an indoor playground, play games, solve puzzles, take wacky pictures, and of course, color or paint.

When you arrive, you will receive two coins to get molding clay or create a crayon, which is a lot of fun.

You also get a ticket to color Scribble Scrubbies. My wife loves this area, but my favorite area is the art studio.

Making a masterpiece with his molding clay.

Crayola Experience Exhibits for Toddlers

Here are all the fun things your toddlers can do at Crayola Experience Orlando:

  • Toddler Town – An indoor playground just for toddlers. They can run and play in an area just the right size for them.
  • Art Studio – This is my favorite area, where you can create anything that comes to mind. There are different projects, so depending on when you go there will be something different to create.
  • Color Playground – The large indoor playground for big and little kids. Take it from me, you don’t want to climb in there with your toddler, so I recommend sticking to Toddler Town.
  • Kaleidoscope – Make a video of you and your kids dancing on the kaleidoscope, then email it to yourself to watch later.
  • Rainbow Rain – An interactive area where it’s raining bright vibrate colors. We had a family dance party.
  • Texture CRAYze – Create fun drawings using the built-in textures on the tables.
  • Wrap It Up! – Create your crayon along with your unique color name with the solver coins in your bag.
  • Modeling Madness – An area where toddlers can create anything they want using modeling clay. There are caddies full of tools to help them create their masterpiece.
  • Paint Palette – An area where kids can paint different projects. We tried to build a race car, but our little guy mixed the paint colors, so it didn’t turn out well.
  • Scribble Scrubbies – Color adorable toys with washable markers. The best part is they can be washed and colored again.
  • Scribble Square – An area where toddlers can write on anything in chalk. This is the perfect place for toddlers, they can draw on everything. If you have a wall artist, point them in this direction.

Crayola Activities for Toddlers

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8. Magic Kingdom

We tried to get reservations for Magic Kingdom, but with the capacity limits, it was impossible.

The plan is to go back to Orlando for our son’s third birthday to go to Magic Kingdom (2-3 days), Universal, and a few other places on our list of the best things to do in Orlando with toddlers.

Magic Kingdom Rides for Toddlers

There are so many rides for toddlers at Magic Kingdom. Here are the most popular rides for toddlers three years old and younger:

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  • Under the Sea
  • Jungle Cruise
  • Magic Carpets of Aladdin
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant
  • It’s a Small World
  • The Barnstormer
  • Mad Tea Party
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Prince Charming Regal Carrousel
  • Haunted Mansion (The name is misleading, it’s not scary)
  • Liberty Square Riverboat
  • Astro Orbiter
  • Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin
  • Tomorrowland Speedway
  • Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover
  • Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress

You can see by the extensive list above that there is so much to do in Magic Kingdom with toddlers. The height requirements are 35″ or smaller, so your little one can do so much.

Note: I will update this article after we go to Magic Kingdom, but I know it is one of the Happiest Places in the World.

Experience Magic Kingdom

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The toddler-friendly activities in this section are for places that have things to do for toddlers, but they are not the focus. These are great places for families with kids of varying age ranges.

Older kids will enjoy getting on the rides while your toddler can focus on playing. Here are some fun activities for toddlers in Orlando.

9. Kennedy Space Center

Our son recently got into rockets, space, planets, and astronauts, thanks to Story Bots. It was the perfect time to go to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Although it’s not in Orlando, it’s only a 45-minute drive, depending on where you are staying. 

To say we had fun is an understatement he had a blast. His favorite place was Planet Play.

We spent nearly two hours inside this exhibit. We were climbing the massive indoor jungle gym, coloring, playing games, and exploring. 

Kennedy Space Center is the perfect place to let toddlers explore and run in Orlando.

Our toddler had a blast at the rocket garden, where he could see real rockets up close. They are so massive, it’s a lot to take in, but he kept saying, “look, so cool.”

You can even see a rocket launching, which is open to the public with the proper planning. It’s a once and a lifetime opportunity to be able to see a rocket launch.

If we have the chance to return, we’ll jump at the opportunity to see the rocket launch. Now that would really be cool.

10. Leu Gardens

Our toddler loves flowers, so whenever possible, we stop by gardens so he can have open space, get fresh air, and release some energy. It’s the perfect place to relax for an hour or so.

The Leu Gardens is close to the Orlando Science Center, so it’s a nice place to stop before putting the little ones down for a nap. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a chance to go because of the heavy rain.

If you visit, be sure to stop by the Butterfly Garden to see the different butterflies attracted to the flowers. Of course, you can’t leave without stopping by the rose garden for a family picture.

11. Aquatica

Our little guy loves the water (because he thinks he can swim), so we try to find a waterpark when we travel.

Orlando was the perfect place because it was HOT temperatures reached well over 90 degrees while we were there.

There is so much to do for everyone, even little ones that believe they can swim. We spent the first half of the day in the Kata’s Kookaburra Cove.

Kata’s Kookaburra Cove is a toddler-friendly area where you will find most families with babies or young kids.

It’s not just a shallow pool. There are waterslides, a play area, and waterfalls.

Another kid-friendly area is Walkabout Waters, which is a massive play area with water coming from everywhere. This is the perfect place for kids that love to run and play.

Aquatica Tickets

Our toddler isn’t a fan of play areas that drop water on his head, so he Walkabout Waters at all cost.

The areas listed above are perfect for toddlers. What sets Aquatica apart from other waterparks is the beach. There is a beach inside, so your kids can play in the sand if they want.

Next to the beach is the wave pool, which may be a little strong for little ones. The waves aren’t too strong, but to be safe, your toddler should stay close to the entrance, where the impact of the waves is minimal.

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Eating at Aquatica with Kids

There are signs everywhere that say no outside food allowed, but we got in with snacks. As long as the snacks are in the original packaging, you should be good to go.

We packed nectarines, juice boxes, frozen water, popcorn, and pretzels. There were a few other things, but they didn’t look too hard.

If you want to eat lunch, I recommend putting a cooler in the trunk with ice and returning to the car to eat.

There are picnic tables outside the entrance, but it’s a lot of work, and with kids, it’ll be frustrating.

Note: There are life jackets throughout the park, but it is on a first-come, first-serve basis, so you may want to get there early.

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12. Gatorland

Gatorland is one of the most popular places to visit in Orlando with kids. We aren’t into alligators and crocodiles, so we decided to skip it this time, but maybe we’ll visit our next trip.

If you are interested, you can have an Alligator meet n’ greet, take unlimited train rides, and even feed an alligator.

Gators aren’t the only animals to see. You can check out birds, wild cats, crocodiles, snacks, and tortoises.

Along with the shows, there are adventure experiences and activities such as the petting zoo, ziplines, nighttime show, adventure hour, and gator gauntlet.


With so much to do in Orlando with toddlers, the cost can add up quickly. Here are some free things to do in Orlando with your toddler that they will enjoy and your wallet will love.

13. Animal Kingdom Lodge

14. Disney Springs

If you want a place to hang out with free parking, then Disney Springs is a great option. There are shops, restaurants, shows, and entertainment.

Disney Springs is the perfect place to let your toddler run around to release energy on a nice day. It’s like an outdoor shopping mall, but you will pay a premium price for the items you buy there.

If you are looking for something to pass the time without paying for parking, Disney Springs may be the perfect option.

15. Lake Eola Park

We tried to visit Lake Eola Park, but it seems like every time we had free time, it rained. The weather just wasn’t on our side on certain days.

This beautiful park is in the heart of Downtown Orlando where you can explore the center of the city.

You can grab something good to eat at the many restaurants, walk the Farmer’s Market, catch a movie or a play in the Walt Disney Amphitheater, or take in the views of Orlando’s skyline.

We wanted to rent the swan-shaped paddle boats, but the weather wasn’t on our side.

We planned to walk around the nearly 1-mile sidewalk that circles the lake to get our little one tired before bedtime.

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16. Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach isn’t in Orlando, but it’s only an hour’s drive away.

It is one of the most popular beaches for families, especially with toddlers or young children, because it has a large pier, plenty of restaurants, parks, and free parking.

You can escape to Lori Wilson Park, where you can take a nature walk. For families that love the outdoors, this is one of the ideal spots to kayak to see birds, dolphins, and even manatees.

There is so much to do at Cocoa Beach with kids, or even toddlers, which includes:

  • Playgrounds
  • Exploring Nature
  • Spotting Wildlife
  • Swimming
  • Fishing

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Our Favorite Toddler Beach Essentials

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Disclosure: Kindly be aware that certain links provided below may be affiliate links. If you decide to purchase through these links, I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. It’s important to note that I am an Amazon Associate and earn from qualifying purchases. For the comprehensive disclosure statement, please click here.

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