Baja California Mexico with a Baby

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I search for flights every day to determine our next family vacation and stumbled onto a great deal to Cabo San Lucas from San Diego for less than $250 roundtrip. If you are looking for something a little closer to San Diego check out Ensenada. Before I had the opportunity to ask my wife, I purchased the tickets (so she doesn’t have the opportunity to say no lol).  We were all set to jet off to Cabo San Lucas with our 8-month-old son in tow.    

Is it safe to travel to Baja California with a baby?

The answer is, absolutely!!! Baby Cee loved his time in Mexico, he even made a few friends along the way.  Just remember, everyone needs a passport including our little one if you plan on flying.  

I used to be a heavy planner, but I have turned into a more flexible traveler. Since the arrival of our son, I have decided to take things as they come and figure it out as we go. This means after picking up our rental car from the airport and heading to our Airbnb, we had absolutely nothing planned for 7 days in Mexico with a baby. Now was the time to put on our thinking caps and find baby-friendly activities.   

Beaches in Baja California Mexico for a baby   

You can’t go to the coast of Mexico without going to the beach. What we didn’t know was going to the beach in Caja California Mexico with a baby was not as easy as you would think. I am sure you are wondering how hard it is to go to the beach, but what we didn’t know was that most of the beaches in Los Cabo are not kid-friendly or particularly swimmable. The currents in this part of the Pacific Ocean are very rough and you could be swept away very quickly without warning. This leads us on a mission to find baby-friendly beaches in Los Cabos.  Here is a list of beaches to visit with your little one in tow.   

Playa El Chileno

Just a quick 15 minutes outside of the city center this is a family-friendly beach that is not overrun by tourists. You will not encounter vendors pressuring you to purchase random items. You can spend the day relaxing or like us napping without a care in the world.  If you plan on visiting don’t forget water and food since there are no vendors, there is no water or food available for purchase. The water is calm enough to swim and is a great spot for snorkeling. A bonus is this beach has s dedicated spots for disabled persons with wheelchairs.    

Playa Santa Maria

Playa Santa Maria

Located just 5 minutes away from Playa El Chileno this beach is nice and quiet. There is ample parking and you will find that Playa Santa Maria is a quiet treasure. There are virtually no tourists and very few locals. This is a great beach to enjoy for relaxing, enjoying the fun, taking in the magnificent views, and doing a little snorkeling. I would not recommend swimming with your little one as the current is strong and can pull you into the water rather quickly. Be advised instead of sand there are small rocks so I would recommend wearing swim shoes 

Playa Los Cerritos

Located just an hour outside of Los Cabos Playa Cerritos is a surfer’s paradise. You can take your little one into the water and enjoy some swimming. There are a variety of activities such as surfing lessons, horseback riding, and paddleboarding. There are vendors but they are not aggressive, simply saying “no, gracias”, is enough. You will have to bring food as the Beach Club is now closed.    

Playa Amor

Unfortunately, you cannot just drive to this beach as it can only be accessed by boat. If you take a tour of the Arch you will undoubtedly fall in love with this beach. You can enjoy the sun or get in the water with your little one but be advised there are no lifeguards available on this beach.  

Playa Divorcio 

Located next to Playa Amor, this beach is NOT safe to swim. It is a beautiful place to take in the sun and enjoy the sights but NOT to get into the water. The currents and rip tides are very strong and unsafe. It is great for your little one to play in the sand and get some great photos.   

Things to do in Baja California Mexico with a baby   

He's all smiles on our road trip to La Paz.

Take a road trip to La Paz

You have probably never heard of the capital of Baja California. La Paz is full of fun things to do with your little one. We took a road trip 2 hours from Cabo San Lucas to explore this amazing place. Trust us it was well worth the trip. We had a picnic along the Sea of Cortez which contrary to the Pacific Ocean is nice and warm for your little one. Check out more exciting things you can do in La Paz. (You can even swim with whale sharks).  

See the Arch

Head to the marina and take a tour on a glass-bottom board to the Arch. The arch is one of the top tourist destinations in Los Cabos and natural wonder. Located near two of the most famous beaches Playa Amor and Playa Divorcio. The beaches are said to be like a relationship, with Playa Amor being calm and serene while Playa Divorcio is more dangerous and a little scary. It’s a very poetic way to look at nature.   

Whale watching tour

If you are traveling to Los Cabos at the right time you can see Humpback Whales. Based on their migration habits Humpback whales are moving towards Cabo San Lucas from mid-November to early December. The population of Humpback whales is at its peak by mid-December. You will be able to see these amazing creatures through mid-March as their calves are growing.  

Visit Museo de Historia Natural (Natural History Museum)

The natural history museum is a great place to stop in downtown Cabo San Lucas to beat the heat. The museum is full of historical information such as fossils, whales, sharks, and the founding of Cabo San Lucas. Most of the information is in Spanish but there is some information available in English. There are also very interesting videos that you can watch that are in English.   

Tip: There is an amazing coffee shop across the street from the Museum. I love their slogan “Death before Decaf”. We recommend the peanut butter chocolate frappuccino and you can’t leave without a cookie.    

Shop at Puerto Paraiso Mall / Explore the Marina 

If you are looking for luxury shopping this may not be the place for you. If you are looking for casual shopping and a place to cool down this mall is for you. There are familiar brands such as Forever 21, Tommy Bahama, and Adidas. If your little one is 2 or under, I recommend checking out Happy land. It is a great place for kids and adults alike to have fun.   

Take a road trip to Todos Santos

Todos Santos is an art lover's dream. If you are interested in a sleepy town full of old charm and amazing art this place is for you. We explored the main streets of the town and a few awesome art galleries to see.  Check out this blog post on how you can be a biologist for a day.     

Check out cenotes in Mexico 

Visit San Jose del Cabo 

If you are in Los Cabos on Thursday head to San Jose del Cabo for the Art Walk. San Jose del Cabo is the sleepy sister of Cabo San Lucas. It is a slower pace and has an old town feel. I would recommend staying here with your baby as it is a little quieter. If you are there you must check out the Art Walk on Thursday evenings. The Art Walk gives art lovers a chance to get away from the main tourist areas and view the art on the back street. You can meet shop owners, artists, and sip wine as you view beautiful Mexican art.      

Bonus: Take a cheap flight to Mexico City

Places to stay in Baja California Mexico with a baby

There are a lot of hotels and resorts in Baja California. Unlike places in Mexico City, Baja California is very spread out. It may not be easy to get from place to place without a car and public transportation is inconvenient. Be sure to find the best place most convenient for the activities you would like if you do not plan to rent a car.

All-Inclusive Resorts   

Barcelo Grand Faro Los Cabos  

Royal Solaris Los Cabos 

Marina Fiesta Resort & Spa 

Hacienda Encantada Resort & Residences 

Paradisus Los Cabos  

Family-Friendly Hotels  

Playa Grande Resort 

Villa del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa 

Solmar Resort 

Family-Friendly Budget Options 

Bahia Medano 

Loma Encantada 

Studio 21 

Plaza Mijares, Art District 

  Do you have any tips on traveling to Baja California Mexico with a baby? Comments below.  

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