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Crayola Color Wonder MEss-Free Coloring for Toddlers

One of the best ways to make traveling with your toddler easy is to have plenty of activities. One of our son’s favorite things to take when we travel is his mess-free markers for toddlers.

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The Crayola Color Wonder is by far; the best mess-free marker sets for toddlers.

There are different activity pads, coloring pages, and even blank pages for your little artist to create masterpieces. Your little one can color their favorite iconic characters from their favorite shows.

Color Wonder Mess Free Princess & Frozen 2 Coloring Set
Color Wonder Mess Free Activity Set

There are so many options with these mess-free markers that you are bound to find something that your little one will love.

If your toddler loves to color, trust me, you need the Crayola Color Wonder activity books.

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Crayola Mess-Free Markers for Toddlers

The Crayola Color Wonder is by far; the best mess-free marker sets for toddlers. The markers are perfect for their little hands to keep your toddler from getting frustrated while coloring.

He loves the toddler-size markers

Not only are the markers the perfect size for toddlers’ hands, but they only work on the designated paper. You don’t have to worry about cleaning walls, clothes, or the carpet.

There is no way for your toddler to make a mess with these markers, which is what parents need to help stay sane.

Having a toddler can be rough sometimes, so one less thing to worry about is always a good thing.

Until recently, our toddler couldn’t get the caps off the markers. They are a little tough to remove, so your little one will struggle to remove the cap without your help.

We’ve used the markers to help our little guy learn more colors and the hidden item to expand his vocabulary.

Our Favorite Crayola Mess-Free Markers

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The markers are clear to keep them mess-free, so you’ll need to use the cap and end to know the colors you are using. Our son thinks it’s funny to mix the marker caps.

One day I grabbed what I thought was red, but it turned out to be blue. You can use the end of the marker to know the right color.

Our little guy loves to connect the markers to make one long marker that he says is a rocket. Who knew he’d turn markers into a spack rocket, but it keeps him occupied.

We’re surprised these activity pads keep his attention for 30-45 minutes. In toddler time, that is nearly 1-2 hours.

Our Favorite Color Wonder Sets

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Not only are there markers, but there are stamps, pens, and paint sets. The stamps, paint set, and pens are also mess-free, so your little artist can have a portable mess-free art studio.

Mess-Free Coloring Options for Toddlers

Crayola Color Wonder Scented Stampers

Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Light Brush

Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Pens

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Why We Love Crayola Mess-Free Markers for Toddlers

As a nomadic family, we try to keep our son engaged in different activities. The Crayola Color Wonder pages have hidden items that reveal when your little one color the pages. This extra element helps make learning fun.

We’ve been using mess-free markers for nearly two and half years with our little guy, so we’re a little biased about these fun coloring markers for toddlers.

Here are some reasons we love the Crayola Color Wonder mess-free markers for toddlers.

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Crayola Color Wonder Activity Pads

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Honestly, I think I enjoy coloring with our son’s Crayola Color Wonder sets more than he does. It’s the perfect family activity for a rainy day or on a flight with your toddler.

We have family coloring time, which is fun when he decides to share his markers. He’s in the middle of the “mine” stage, so family coloring time usually turns into us watching him color. Either way, this is the perfect mess-free coloring activity for toddlers.

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