7 Destinations for Digital Nomad Families

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As a digital nomad family, we are asked how we choose our destinations, and the answer is simple, wherever there are cheap flights and fun things to do. I may be oversimplifying it a little. The best destinations for digital nomad families depend on your interest, budget, and the age of your kids.

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To help families considering becoming digital nomads, we collaborated with other bloggers to compile a list of some of their favorite destinations for digital nomad families.

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Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Recommended by Christian from Punta Cana Travel Blog

The Samaná peninsula is the best destination in the Dominican Republic for digital nomad families, particularly the beach town of Las Terrenas. 

Unlike Punta Cana, the famous all-inclusive destination in the east, Samaná, and Las Terrenas offer more accessible and less crowded beaches. Samanás’ beaches are pristine, and the city offers a lower cost of living.

Las Terrenas is two hours from the capital Santo Domingo, and its Las Américas Airport (SDQ), which is the easiest way to reach Samaná. 

In Las Terrenas, you can find affordable apartments and villas (for as low as 500-1000 USD per month). It’s the perfect destination for digital nomads looking for a place to call home (even temporarily).

The infrastructure in Las Terrenas has everything a nomadic family needs. You’ll find a well-stocked supermarket with international produce in town, as well as; bakeries, beautiful beach bars, and a few coffee shops. 

The Internet is pretty good, and power outages are rare, even though they exist. If you need to be connected 24/7, make sure before booking that your accommodation has a generator.

Las Terrenas has an authentic allure and Dominican vibe with a community of expats from different countries around the world.

To immerse in local culture, you can also head to a local Colmado to mingle with the locals.

For digital nomad families, kids can play in the sand as there is enough space for everyone. Punta Poppy or Playa Cosón serene without big waves, making it the perfect place for families with little ones.

Some popular activities include Ziplining (particularly with older children), heading on stunning hikes with different difficulties, visiting plenty of beautiful waterfalls, exploring the wildlife of Los Haitises National Park, or booking a whale-watching excursion (from January to March only).

Las Terrenas is the perfect home base for digital nomad families looking to relax on the beach and become immersed in the Dominican culture.

Porto, Portugal

Recommended by Moumita & Sankha from Chasing the Long Road

In recent years Portugal has become an increasingly popular destination for digital nomad families. The second-largest city in Portugal, Porto is perfect for nomad families.

Many expats love it due to its laid-back, peaceful lifestyle and lower cost of living. 

The old Historic Centre of Porto, alongside the nearby Luiz I Bridge and Monastery of Serra do Pilar, are considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There are plenty of fun and kid-friendly places to visit in Porto to make you fall in love with this incredible city.

Porto has an excellent well connected public transport system. You can easily explore the city on foot. 

There are also many budget airlines with flights to the most popular cities in European. 

The expenses here are much more affordable than in the capital city of Lisbon. A two-bedroom apartment in Porto is €700-850 per month. If you are willing to stay a bit away from the city center, the housing cost will be much cheaper. 

Porto is a very family-friendly and beautiful place for children to explore. Little ones are embraced, with mothers accompanied by young kids moved to the front of the lines at stores. 

Take a stroll to the gorgeous riverfront by the River Douro. The bustling promenade has cafes, restaurants, and street performers.

You can also take a 50-minute boat cruise down the Douro River, passing under the six famous bridges, one designed by Gustave Eiffel, responsible for the Eiffel Tower. 

Ride the cable car for an excellent view over the city skyline. It runs from the Jardim de Morro park by the Dom Luis I bridge down to the port warehouses and the boat tours. 

Rumored to be the inspiration behind the Harry Potter books, Livraria Lello is one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. It is a must-visit attraction in Porto.

Next, climb the Clerigos Tower for a stunning view over the city skyline.

World of Discoveries is a fun and interactive museum showcasing The Age of Discoveries when Portuguese explorers set out on voyages. 

Finally, head down to Matosinhos beach and Foz do Douro promenade for a day out by the beach. The Sea Life Porto has a tunnel under the water where you can see thousands of species of animals, including sharks and manta rays.

There is plenty to do in Porto to keep you and your little ones busy. Porto is the best destination for digital nomad families looking to call somewhere home.

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Palermo, Sicily

Recommended by Caroline from Veggie Wayfarer

The capital of the little island of Sicily, Palermo, is an affordable destination for digital nomad families. 

It is one of the sunniest islands in all of Europe and has a surprisingly low cost of living. Rent is affordable, with most apartments costing between €600-€750 per month.

Families on a tight budget should try the most mouthwatering street food for €2.

Aside from the low cost of living and great weather, there are plenty of things to do in Palermo for kids and adults. The city has some of the most pristine beaches in Europe.

Accompanying the picturesque beaches are plenty of gelaterias (ice cream parlors) on every corner of the street, along with tons of historical monuments.

Be sure to spend a day roaming around the historical center (Centro Storico). Pop into a select few of the 99 churches in the city. 

The cathedral of Palermo has rooftop access, offering views over the entire city. Casa de Gesu is the most opulent church you will ever set foot in, and the San Cataldo church is the perfect example of 11th-century Arab Norman Architecture.

Head over to the Ballaro or La Vucciria, two of the oldest markets in Palermo for the famous Palermitan street food. You have to try the delicious Arancini (fried riceballs with meat).

If the kids are lovers of the sea, catch a bus to the beach district in Palermo called Mondello. There are kilometers of uninterrupted sandy beaches waiting for exploration.

Seville, Spain

Recommended by Becki from Meet Me In Departures

Seville in southern Spain is one of the best destinations for digital nomad families.

Thanks to the affordability, great weather, outdoor activities, and parks, Seville has become the go-to destination for families looking for a warm oasis in Europe. 

It’s also an incredibly safe city. You will see children walking themselves home from school because the culture is family-centric.

The Spanish are an incredibly family-orientated nation, so nearly everywhere is welcoming to children. 

Seville is no exception. The locals will be more than happy to talk and make a fuss over your little ones.

The cost of living will depend on your living style. To save money, mid to long-term rentals are recommended.

The most popular site for finding mid to long-term rentals is Idealista. With the new digital nomad visa going into effect in 2023, your family can stay in Spain (explore Europe) for up to a year.

Family-orientated areas are just a short drive from the city center. Some of the best neighborhoods are Tomares, Bormujos, or Mairena del Aljarafe. For the same price will get you a lot more space and amenities.

A great way to integrate into the area and find things to do in Seville is to join the local Facebook Expats group. The Facebook group ExpatsSevilla, makes it easy to connect with other traveling families or expats.

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Cusco, Peru

Recommended by Ariana from World of Travels with Kids

Cusco Peru, high in the Andes, is one of the best places for digital nomad families to settle down.

While it is definitely not the cheapest place you will find in Peru, this is more than made up for with plenty of expat and nomad families to meet up and spend time with; and a wide variety of things to do in the surrounding areas.

Machu Picchu will make a great overnight trip from Cusco –but that is the icing on the cake.

The opportunity to get to know the local culture around the city and surrounding areas is quite unique. Kids will love interacting with the llamas and alpacas that pop up frequently. 

The price of accommodation in Cusco depends on the location. The city center is the most expensive area, but moving further from downtown housing gets cheaper.

When negotiating rent, try to find a local or fluent Spanish speaker to help. Be sure to research the areas because some neighborhoods lack reliable Wi-Fi, which is essential for digital nomads.

If you speak some Spanish, shopping in the local markets for fresh produce and experiencing the fascinating diversity of produce and people is a real highlight.

On the other hand, there are several well-stocked supermarkets for kids to get the brands they are used to from home.

Cusco is a great area for families because there is a big expat and digital nomad community. There are plenty of playgrounds, so there is always a chance to meet up with others. 

At the same time, if you want to get off the beaten path, it is possible to explore neighboring cities. 

There are many Spanish schools if you want your little ones to become bilingual.

While Cusco makes a really fun base for exploration of the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, there are many must-see places in Peru for families to visit. 

Oaxaca, Mexico

Recommended by Julien from Oaxaca Travel Tips

Oaxaca City, Mexico, is known for its rich culture and distinct gastronomy. This city is one of the best family travel destinations because of the surrounding villages.

The walkable city center is full of markets, museums, churches, and historic buildings. They are home to various restaurants, cafes, art studios, and artisan shops.

There are events in the city every day of the week. Cultural festivals in Oaxaca are vibrant and full of energy. It is unexplainable. It is something you have to experience.

While there are plenty of things to do in Oaxaca to keep the whole family occupied, its day trips through the Central Valleys of Oaxaca really bring this destination over the top.

Oaxaca City is unique in it is surrounded by small pueblos to explore. Quite a few are within an hour’s drive of the city and are easily reachable by bus or collectivo. 

Many of these pueblos specialize in a particular artisan craft that seems to take over the entire town. 

East of Oaxaca, in the village of Teotitlan del Valle, nearly every home and shop displays intricate wool rugs woven by hand on a large loom using local wool dyed with natural elements.

The valleys south of Oaxaca are home to the black pottery workshops of San Bartolo Coyotepec and San Martín Tilcajete. There are numerous workshops that carve and paint colorful wooden figurines called alebrijes.

You can also visit the Zocalo in the evenings to see weekly dance performances and people-watch. While on the other side of downtown, El Llano is a large park where individuals, groups, and families come to practice athletic activities.

The surrounding mountains expand the places to explore for active families. There are numerous short hikes close to the city, such as Huayápam and San Agustín Etla.

More adventurous families will want to explore the indigenous communities of the Sierra Norte. This region has communally

developed its natural tourism through a project called Pueblos Mancomunados, which promotes hiking through its mountainous terrain.

Whether your family is the type to soak up the culture or tackle the natural side of Oaxaca, it is an incredible family travel destination for families with older kids.

Medellin, Colombia

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