7 Reasons Why you Should Travel with a Newborn Baby

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It almost seems taboo when someone says they want to travel with a newborn baby. I am not sure why this is seen as a bad thing. We encourage families to travel with babies because it is much easier than traveling with a toddler. Babies are seen as fragile and although they are also resilient and low maintenance. It may be an adjustment but it is worth it. Here are 7 reasons why you should travel with a newborn.

Exploring Beijing with our 4-month-old son

Newborns virtually travel for free

Babies are great because they are not only cute, but they fly for almost nothing and they get in everywhere for free. If you are flying domestically your little one can fly on your lap for free. If you plan on taking an international trip you only have to pay taxes for your baby.

When planning your itinerary almost all places allow babies free entrance. Whether you plan on going to museums, galleries, zoos, or movies your little one can accompany you for free.

Travel bassinets (free upgrade)

We reserved a travel bassinet and were upgraded to bulkhead seating.

Before having our son, I was not aware that travel bassinets existed. They are bassinets that are installed in the bulkhead area for your baby. You can call the airline to request a bassinet after making your reservation. Please check with the airline for the specific requirements.

We used a bassinet when we flew with our 4-month-old baby and were able to get upgraded to bulkhead seating for free. It was amazing to have the entire row to ourselves and stretch out while the baby was sleeping in the bassinet. The flight attendants on Air Canada were amazing and made the flight seamless. Luckily, our son either slept or laughed the entire flight so we did not have any problems.

Newborns sleep a lot

Sleeping on our way to Beijing. All of the parents know the rule when baby sleeps, you sleep.

Although babies are adorable, they are also boring, because they sleep over 20 hours a day. All they need is to eat, sleep, and have a clean butt and they are happy. The best thing for them is to be cuddled by their parents and get rest. A common reason I hear for not traveling with a newborn is that you will be too tired. Although having a baby is an adjustment you will be tired whether you are at home or in Paris, so why not? I would rather be tired after spending the day hanging out on the beach or after going to a museum and learning something new than to be tired and just sitting at home. Either way, you will be tired, but I’d rather have a great story to tell.

Newborn babies are easily transportable

Newborns are easily transportable because they do not take up a lot of space. The easiest way to travel with a baby is with a baby carrier because they get contact and are lightweight. Wearing your newborn is very convenient and allows you to remain hands-free. You can ditch the stroller and head out with your baby on your chest.

No extra expenses

Hotel Eclat in Beijing had a crib available for Baby Cee.

Unlike toddlers, babies only drink milk so there are no additional expenses. You do not have to pay for more food or larger accommodation. You can fly with formula or breastmilk and many hotels have cribs for babies. Most hotels allow children under 6 to stay for free.  We usually cosleep when we travel with our son, although this option may not be for everyone.

Maternity Leave

Although maternity leave laws in the United States are vastly behind the rest of the world you will not have to take additional time off work. I have used my 12 weeks of maternity leave to travel and it is considered protected leave instead of simply vacation. You can use your recovery or baby bonding time to travel without feeling guilty.

Stress relief

Sometimes after having a baby, you need a change of scenery. After giving birth to our son I began to get cabin fever because it seemed like I was stuck in the house. Everyone expected me just sit at home with our son and wait for him to cry. It started to get hard being with a baby by myself for over 10 hours a day without any other human interaction. Although babies are cute they cannot hold much of a conversation. Traveling is how I dealt with my postpartum anxiety and depression. Getting out and seeing the world gave me energy and made me happy.

Bonus:  Boarding First and Additional Carry-on Items

Waiting to board our flight from San Diego to Cabo.

When you fly with a baby you can have additional carry-on items for your little one. You can take a diaper bag and any additional things you can fit under your stroller. Strollers are great because you can simply throw items in the basket on the bottom of the stroller and remain hands-free.

Family boarding is one of the greatest things because you can get on the plane first and get settled. Since babies do not take up a lot of space you can claim space in the overhead compartment for all of your items.

Why you should travel with your newborn baby.

It may be a little scary to travel with your precious little one because babies are so small and vulnerable. As parents, we want to do what is best for our children, but we often forget, for children to be happy they need happy parents. Parents deserve to be happy just as much as our little ones. We don’t have to stop doing the things we love when having children, we may just need to make a few modifications. Traveling with a baby is different, but the memories, quality time and stories will be priceless.

Do you want to travel with your newborn and need help? Feel free to comment below or contact us so we can help you get started.

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